Making the Old New Again: Building a Business Tribe


Welcome to the club!

I joined the ‘Dollar Shave Club’ recently.
Great razors.
But really, a club?
I need to ‘meet the team’ and the other members to shave in the morning?

The ‘club’ idea comes from an older marketing trend that focuses on bringing consumers into a ‘Tribe’.
A club.
Where our identity is tied to a product or service.

It taps into a fundamental human need.
To have a place of belonging.
A place where we are known and accepted.
An identity affirmed by others in the club.

A powerful idea.
A powerful starting point in building teams.

An old marketing idea with a new application

What could be more unstoppable than a group of people brought together through a higher calling?

With a mission.
A purpose.

As if the universe itself conspired to bring them to a certain point.
As if destiny demands of them, this service.

Maybe this tribe is a football team or a group of researchers.
A not-for-profit or a customer support team.

For successful business we need such environments where people are brought into a way to life, not just wear the t-shirt.
Where what we do comes from our understanding of who we are.

A holistic approach.
A community.
An environment.

Where people have ongoing connection to shared vision, attitudes, values and purpose.
With this in place, you don’t need to worry about who leaves the office early.
Or who doesn’t stay late.

If they are part of the tribe, they will be part of your success.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
It’s the only thing that ever has.

Stephen M Dick
Customer Support leader, team builder, process designer.

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